Saturday, July 7, 2012

Degrees of care and the Future of Health

We often hear from the news or read the newspapers that nurses (RN) or professional nurses are in high demand these days. When people hear about nurses, the first thing that comes to mind are those nurses who keeps track of the symptoms in the hospital, or someone who gives shots in doctors office, but are also adept at other things.

Becoming a supervisor is common for many nurses throughout their careers. While becoming a supervisor is not at all like most of these nurses do not like the management of others, who would be most happy to work directly with patients within a hospital.

Many people think that the majority of nurses working in the emergency room or maternity ward, but a significant number of nurses working in specialized departments such as pediatrics. Some nurses work in a medical office or medical center and assist the doctor, but others may work only in a laboratory.

People who just got out of the hospital or had surgery just need more personal care at home so go home health nurses to assist them. Nurses may also need personal care for patients with cancer or terminal illnesses. Through this, much attention is given to the patient and faster recovery can be observed.

We can also find nurses who work on government and private organizations and institutions. Give medical care to employees of the organization. Other nurses also work for companies in sectors in the workplace to give medical examinations to employees.

The duty of a supervisor is to train nurses and nurse practitioners new hours of installation work for their staff. Besides becoming a nurse supervisor and nurse anesthetists can also switch to a registered nurse or a certified nurse midwife. This tells us that when you are a nurse, we have the career of a lot more than the health sector can offer.

The development of technology, advances in medications and treatments, changes in health policies, insurance policies and coverage will surely reinvent the profession of nursing care in the coming years. For example, as technology continues to advance, many health care functions can be automated.

These include the records of medical patients, and use the intelligent of beds to monitor the vital signs of patients, increased use of bar codes, trolleys and automatic medicine which could be used to decrease the time required to create a drug and reduce the errors resulting from dispensing drugs. Voice-activated technology can be used to reduce the number of people doing different activities.

In addition, tasks such as serving meals or attend to patients can be performed by qualified medical aid in order to free the nurses, and will be able to provide a human touch to their patients.

These days, hospitals and health institutions should use their staff more often because of the nursing shortage. Registered Nurses will be responsible for spending more time at the bedside or attend to serve as educators and administrators. This will help re-orient their true role with their patients. Because of medical cost these days, some patients stay at the hospital are shorter so that nurses must use most of the time spent with patients. Nurses also need to learn the roles of administrative and supervisory positions so that they know how to access and retrieve important information and share it with their patients and their families.

The progress of technology probably also attract more males and minorities in the nursing profession. For this reason, the government should emphasize in supporting teaching careers and recruiting instructors with different cultural backgrounds and educational measures to give support to the profession and to minimize the shortage of nursing school instructors. Because of this, most financial loans and scholarships will be increased and will be available to encourage health care professionals most qualified to serve as teacher trainers and medical staff. In addition, nursing colleges should be prepared to increase the salaries of the instructors doctors to convince them to keep the teaching staff.

As health trends at present, if the nursing shortage-still, patients who require more care would have to stay longer in hospital, if this happens, the number of outpatients will definitely increase and the need for home -health nurses will also increase. This only means that nurses play a major role in insurance agencies, consulting firms and health and health care software development company. Nurses will also be more involved with community health and population-based health work. Duties of nurses is to identify health risks and the establishment of a plan to help people to higher health risks. Health and medical staff will also be involved in educating people how to maintain good health, in collaboration with health care institutions and insurance agencies to develop health care programs that are designed to promote health and reduce medical costs.

The staff who work in gerontology and geriatrics have a bright future in terms of their career. Doctors at the retirement of the baby boom generation reach, new medical professionals will be required to focus more on patients in this group of generation. Nurses, physicians who are also children of baby boomers may not be ready to retire may find themselves being a consultant. They serve as health advisors who understand the needs of their patients better.

With today's medical technology advances, nurses will be asked to focus more on prevention of illnesses and diseases, rather than finding a cure for them. The medical treatment that targets a disease before they occur will certainly improve preventive health care. People will also need to learn more about how to prevent illness and disease. The development of methods for disease prevention is definitely better than finding better alternatives to treat disease.

We all need to prepare no matter what the future holds health, nurses and health professionals must be prepared for roles in expansion and change in medical practice. They will need to learn every day to stay up-to-date in the medical field. Their role becomes easier if one is dedicated to his / her profession.

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