Monday, May 28, 2012

Health and Wellness Training

There are many training institutions that offer health and wellness coach training. If you aspire to be a coach and want to be trained by health professionals, there are several things you should look out for when looking for a good training center. These things will help you decide the best training center that will teach you everything there is to know about this profession.

Most schools provide education to health and wellness coaches who are divided into base classes and support classes. There are many principles and skills that develop during the whole training and it is important to know which classes are important to decide on the school that will teach you everything you could possibly need to become an effective health coach.

Generic coaching skills are one of the fundamental principles of health education trainer. Look at the curriculum and find out if the school offers a complete education on this particular area. Generic coaching skills involving different models and approaches to coaching. This offers a wide range of options on how to deal with several clients who have various health problems and concerns.

Basic principles of coaching should be taught. Not only is this very useful in your future career as a health and wellness coach, will also make it more flexible and prepared to become a coach in any field you might find interesting in the future. Other fields of coaching which you can apply the basic principles of coaching include life coaching, sales coaching, business coaching, parent coaching, financial coaching, and others.

Once you learn all the basics, it is obviously very important to have specialized courses in health and wellness. This is more specific and is a good complement to the basic principles of coaching that you learned on the first part.

Not only does this trainer specialist help you understand what must be done as a manager of health and wellness, it will also teach you how to help your future clients in changing their lifestyle and their habits. These courses will teach you how to help people eat better, reduce stress, exercise, stop smoking and make other healthy choices based on proven scientific approaches.

Marketing is an important tool for health and wellness coaching. A well-trained wellness coach is able to attract customers and keep them in the program. A good training school should be taught the techniques of marketing Basic and advanced features that allow you to attract customers without paying and without massive forms of advertising on your part.

If you are monitoring training providers, be sure to choose the school where you can only learn from the best in the field. Review the people who will teach you different techniques and ensure that they are qualified teachers for your Wellness Coach.

Schools that offer a certification program, is affiliated with an institution or not, is also an advantage. Certification not only see if you qualify to become a coach, will also be an interesting part in your resume.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Levitra and Heart Disease

There's a phrase that has more general application than we might choose to give it. For now, "come out of the closet" has tended to be limited to the gay community. Yet, before the introduction of the little blue pills some fourteen years ago, none of the straight community wanted to come out and admit they were suffering erectile dysfunction. The level of shame was, if anything, more serious than for a gay man who was, in the final analysis, still able to function sexually. Yet, when news broke of a pill to solve the problem, the dam burst or perhaps that should be the introduction of a new idiom, "shame be damned". Men were suddenly queueing up to admit erectile dysfunction and claim the prescription as their reward.

Come forward fourteen years and there are erectile dysfunction ads on television and in places of male worship like baseball grounds. According to the latest estimates, some 30 million American men are affected by erectile dysfunction. It's a problem that grows more common due to aging. Only about 5% of men are affected during their 50s, about 16% during their 60s and just under 50% over 75. This means some communities have higher rates than others. In Florida and other snow bird and retirement areas, there tend to be more older people. The extent to which the men are affected is only partly physical. If the men have good self-esteem and socialize confidently, they tend to be more sexually active.

The important factor in all this is the relationship between erectile dysfunction and heart disease. Given that one of the most common causes of dysfunction is artherosclerosis and this is also an early symptom of heart disease, the link is clear. There's a small mountain of research evidence showing that, if the first signs of erectile dysfunction come in men in the younger age brackets, there's a high risk of a stroke or heart attack within five years. The risk goes up if the men are smokers and drink alcohol in significant amounts. Now let's come to the erectile dysfunction drugs. Although artherosclerosis disrupts the way in which the penile artery works, the use of one of the erectile dysfunction drugs will produce erections again in most cases. It's impossible to predict how long the erections will continue. Many men who begin taking the less strong drugs, find the benefits can fade quite quickly at lower dosages. Before too long, it's necessary to move up in strength. For the record, the strongest of the three drugs is Levitra. It produces the best results at the lowest dosages. Unfortunately, using any of these drugs is hiding the symptoms of developing heart disease! That's right. Instead of getting treatment for the cause of the erectile dysfunction that will kill you, the drug encourages you to act as if nothing is wrong.

The moral of this story is absolutely clear. If erectile dysfunction affects you before or during your 50s, get a full medical check. Should your regular physician confirm the presence of other symptoms of heart disease, you just saved your life. Instead of relying on Levitra to treat the symptom, get treatment for the cause and enjoy a long life full of sexual activity.

Aging, Hair Loss, and Propecia

Aging is a natural process we all go experience. For many men, hair loss is an expected side effect of aging. It is something they believe they just have to live with when there are treatments for hair loss in men. In fact, there is no reason that older men should not use Propecia to treat their hair loss. Age is not a factor in the drug's effectiveness.

Hormone Changes
Male pattern baldness has been linked to sex hormones. Specifically, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a type of androgen which is central to male sexual development. Androgens are responsible for hair growth and the libido. Hair loss occurs in men whose hair follicles are particularly sensitive to DHT. As hair falls out, it does not grow back as is the natural course or it returns thinner.
As men age, their hormones change and this can have an impact on their hair loss. Many men experience sudden and excessive hair loss in their 50's and 60's. They may have had healthy hair up to this point, so the hair loss comes as quite a shock.

Stopping Hair Loss
Men of all ages use hair loss treatments to stop hair from thinning and falling out. It is a well known fact that balding men look older than men with full heads of hair. Because people are living longer, more men are turning to hair loss drugs to stop this aging process in its tracks.
Hair loss treatments can effectively stop further hair loss. When you first begin taking this type of medication, you may experience an initial increase in hair loss. This is to be expected as the old hair is pushed out to make room for the healthy hair to grow. It can take up to three weeks before you begin to see results and up to a year or two for the full impact of the drug to be realized.

Reversing Hair Loss
Some men who use Propecia have experienced regrowth of hair. This may be more difficult in older men who have the challenge of additional hormone changes that can counteract the drug's effect. However, it is a possibility that should be explored before turning to other hair replacement options. Hair that regrows appears more natural and is safer for you compared to alternatives such as hair transplantation or plugs. Many men use Propecia for years to facilitate regrowth of hair.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cialis as a cure for erectile dysfunction

If you are only interested in short-term relief, all you will want is the pills to "cure" the problem. In the majority of cases, this will produce the desired results, but time is not on your side. Even if you do go see a doctor, you're motivated to keep costs to a minimum so, apart from the usual tests for heart disease and diabetes, you will want to move quickly on to the pills. There's nothing absolutely wrong about this approach. After all, the pills will usually give you a solution to the problem. But a failure to really understand the causes can lead to later problems that will not be solved by the pills.

The difficulty is that men who only look for the pills or for something to stimulate their desire, are refusing the reassess themselves and their values. For example, as men age, continuing to drink large quantities of alcohol can reinforce the desire for sex but actually limit performance. Similarly, continuing to smoke accelerates the spread of artherosclerosis and will negate the benefit from the pills sooner rather than later. Some street drugs and others available on prescription may be limiting desire or lowering sexual responsiveness. All these can be "cured" by reducing the intake of the "drugs".

So let's be completely honest about erectile dysfunction. It affects the majority of men as they age. You might have been a sexual stallion when a teen but, as you approach your retirement, sex is likely to become more challenging. So a part of the treatment comes back to what "love" means to you. If it's purely sex, you may find your life increasingly unsatisfactory. But if you can find real pleasure in a loving relationship even though you may not be able to produce an erection, your life may be enriched. So instead of just buying and using cialis, you should consider your values. Although you may not think it worth talking to a psychologist or counselor, you may actually learn something useful about yourself. Cialis can only treat one cause of erectile dysfunction, i.e. where your arteries are not dilating and contracting properly. If the causes for your frustration and general dissatisfaction with life are psychological, using a pill is not going to help you at all. The reality is that happiness arises only where two people are in a loving relationship.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Male Baldness: FAQ

Baldness, including male pattern baldness, is a condition that is common in all men, even those as young as 20 and can be down to biological issues. Baldness can also happen as the result of medications or medical procedures. It is the naturally occurring baldness that is the subject of this article.

What are the symptoms of male baldness?

There may be obvious signs such as hair loss that occurs when you brush or comb your hair. You may even experience hair loss while washing your hair or taking a shower. Your hair is not likely to come out in clumps but will break off more often. Male baldness often begins at or near the hairline. You may notice your hairline receding or moving back from your forehead. Most men will notice their hair thinning or becoming finer in texture.

What are the diagnostic tests for male baldness?

It is possible for doctors to determine whether you have male baldness simply by looking at your scalp. They assess the overall appearance and condition of the scalp to rule out medical causes. The pattern of the hair loss is also considered during the diagnostic phase. If you seem to be losing hair in patches, you believe you are losing excessive hair, or pain accompanies your hair loss, your doctor may perform a skin biopsy to make a diagnosis. Hair analysis is not used to diagnose any type of baldness.

Is this condition inherited?

Male baldness is a predominantly inherited condition. Although many in the medical community have assumed for years that it is inherited from the mother, this is not actually the case. Recent research suggests that baldness is probably a dominant trait and that more than one gene is involved in producing it. Further, it appears that this trait can be passed on by either the mother or the father. The debate, and the research, continues on this particular issue.

Is baldness a cause for concern?

If you have male pattern baldness then you do not have a medical condition. There is no need for concern from a health perspective. But baldness affects your appearance which is important to many men. The more self-conscious you become about your hair loss, you may become anxious or depressed which can be serious.

What is the cure for male baldness?

Propecia the hair loss medication approved by FDA and is available in tablet form. Though male baldness cannot be cured completely successful treatments can are available to reduce or stop hair loss and even cause hair to grow again in some men. Propecia has been rigorously tested through multiple clinical trials and has been proven to be safe and effective for men.