Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 Weight Loss Tips for Your Dream Body

Looking for a fun way to lose weight? Then you are in the right place. This article contains 10 simple and fun tips for losing weight. You don't have to bother with complicated diet and exercise programs. Just follow these tips regularly and you'll do fine.
1. Eat a good breakfast.
Breakfast is the meal of the champions. Solid breakfast keeps you full for hours and prevents obesity-inducing snacking.
2. Go for grains
Whole grains and healthy and filling meal options. They keep your blood sugar levels stable and your tummy filled for hours.
3. Remember protein
Protein is the most satiating of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein). Studies show that eating protein helps you to eat less and feel full longer. How can you say no to that?
4. Skip the coffee
Many people are addicted to coffee. But it can be really bad for your weight. Not because coffee has calories, but because it encourages to eat high-calorie snacks with it.
5. Choose your bagels wisely
Bagels come in two basic forms. There are good bagels that help you to lose weight. And then there are bad bagels. Most bagels are bad, simply because they are loaded with sugar and fat. Go with bagels made from whole grains and with minimal fillings and toppings.
6. Cut down on snacking
Snacking is the habit that makes you big. Snacks have a bad way of adding a lot of extra calories into your diet. So promise yourself to cut down on snacking. Instead, have little bit bigger meals so you don't feel hungry between meals. Or, if you have to snack, go with fruits or other low-calorie options.
7. Say no to soda
Sodas and soft drinks are another way to add unnecessary calories that eventually end up into your waist or hips. Drink water or green tea. If you must have soda, go with diet options.
8. An apple a day keeps pounds away
Apples are not good for just repelling doctors, they are also great for keeping your slim. Apples have a lot of fiber and water. This means they are filling without adding too many calories. Perfect for weight loss.
9. Carry some weight
I bet you haven't heard this before. But carrying a backpack can help you to lose weight. Why? Because the extra weight means you have to work harder. You are anyway going to walk, so why not make the most of it?
10. Fruit before food
Make a habit of eating a few pieces of fruit before meals. Studies show that the fiber in fruits fills you up and you end up eating fewer calories.
As you see, weight loss doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming. In the end, it's the little things that you do over and over that matter. Such as the tips outlines in this article. Follow them to drop pounds and enjoy life.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today's Obese Eating Habits

Surprising findings on obese eating habits. According to a new U.S. study, overweight people eat less frequently than those in the normal weight range, but do manage to take on board more calories per meal as well as being less active during the day. Normal weight people, including those who've lost a great deal of weight and successfully kept it off, eat more often.
Most research has found that those who eat more often have a lower body weight. Researchers are unsure why this is and wanted to know why some of those who've lost large amounts of weight manage to keep the pounds off, and followed around 250 people over a year, examining data that was collected as part of two very large National Institute of Health sponsored studies.
One study examined eating habits of those with a BMI of 25.0 to 47.0 (people classed as overweight or obese), while the second study included men and women of normal weight (BMI of 19.0 to 24.9) with around half of whom has lost at least 30 pounds and maintained this loss for over five years.
Generally, the subjects of normal weight ate three meals a day, and just over two snacks a day. The overweight/obese group averaged the same three meals a day but only one snack during the same period. Weight loss maintainers took in the fewest calories (around 1,800 per day) while the normal weight group ate 1,900 c`lories a day, and the overweight subjects consumed over 2,000 calories per day.
Researchers believe that having snacks might help keep weight from returning in those who've lost it by holding off the most intense hunger. You eat more frequently, so you just don't get as hungry as if you wait longer. If it's been 10 hours since you've last eaten, you'll end up consuming a whole lot more food.
Well planned, healthy snacks can be your best friend when it comes to weight loss, helping you hold off hunger and resist bingeing - the key is to choose your snacks (fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, low fat dairy) wisely and avoid empty calories.
Also of note, those who maintained their weight loss were also more active, burning around 3,000 calories per week with exercise and other `ctivity that was part of their daily routine. The subjects within the normal weight band burned 2,000 calories per week, while the overweight subjects burned a paltry 800 calories per week with workouts.
Take home message - being very active and eating regularly is what really works to keep weight off.
We know that over 60% of U.S. adults are either overweight (BMI over 25.0) or obese (BMI over 30.0), and that few are getting the message that calories are what really count when it comes to losing the weight. Experts know that keeping your weight under control is all about balancing the number of calories you take in against the number your body burns.
As your weight increases so does your risk for life changing diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, cancers like endometrial, breast and colon, sleep apnea and breathing problems, osteoarthritis and gynecological issues. This is why it's so important to keep obese eating habits under control.

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