Saturday, June 2, 2012

Business Reputation Management

Running a business takes lots of effort to make it keep stabile and achieve the maximum profit that the business owner wants. Customer always goes in and out all the time and although the business owner and their staff always work on their service, a flaw may happen and mistake that risk the costumer may happen any time. This is happen all over the world and for all business type. Any mistakes that happen need to solve right away because it bring nothing good to the customer itself and for the business reputation (bad reputation make customer run away).

To manage the problem, need some intermediate between the customer and the business to make everything clear. Ripoff Reports try to become this intermediate and give the chance for customer to put the claim story and the business management to give opinion and problem solving. So if there is a real mistake that the business done, they can admit it and try to manage it so no reputation will be broken and the customer will feel satisfied. If there is any miscommunication between customer and the business, it can help to make it straight and forward so everyone will satisfy.

Take example for Beachwood Hair Clinic case that mentioned in Ripoff Reports site. A customer put a claim to this hair restoring business about their bad service and got the feedback from the business management itself. Clear communication between two parties is needed and other people that join in there also can give some feedback or comment to the case. Many ripoff cases that people can see in the site where they can see customer dissatisfaction and complaint on certain condition that happen to them and see how the business and company that people accuse work on the claim in order to bring back and clean their reputation.


  1. When you are running a business however big or small, you should make sure that anyone who reads about you or your business gets the right and good content. This aspect affects your business greatly.