Monday, January 16, 2012

Lose Beer Belly Fat Fast - Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Beer Belly Fat Has Nowhere To Hide
Get rid or lose beer belly fat or the beer gut, as nothing can hide it, not even "cleverly cut" outfits. You can camouflage a bad haircut with a wig. You can hide your terrible eyesight behind contact lenses. You can cover a bald head with a toupee. But beer belly fat? It's out there for all the world to see!

How to Eliminate Stubborn Beer Belly Fat Fast
First off, change your drinking habits. Besides, in a social setting you are apt to enjoy the company of your friends even more when you drink in moderation.
Drinking in moderation is defined by the US Dept. of Health to mean no more than one drink a day for women or two drinks a day for men. One drink is either a bottle of beer (12 oz.), one glass of wine (5 oz.) or one shot of liquor (1.5oz).
The next step is no big secret: Eat foods with less fat and calories, and reduce the portions.
Increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables (preferably green) and raw nuts. Since nutrients are partly embedded under the skin in most fruits, eat them with the skin whenever possible.
When having meat, make it unprocessed meat and remove the fat. Focus on consuming lean protein which is commonly defined as meat with no more than 55 calories and 2-3 grams of fat per serving.
Lastly, and not surprisingly, you must perform the correct exercises to further accelerate abdominal fat loss.
Performing crunches and using abs machines have been found to be utterly useless in losing stomach fat. These only work the abdominal muscles, but do absolutely nothing to burn stubborn abdominal fat!

Why Must You Lose the Beer Belly Fat Fast Now?
According to a study by Dr. Xiang Gao of the Harvard School of Public Health, "central obesity" (aka beer belly fat) is associated with a 60% higher risk of having Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). This is a sleep disorder where an individual feels discomfort in the legs, and the only way to relieve the discomfort is to move the legs frequently.
And then there's the back pain problem. Due to the excess weight in the stomach area, the body is now being pushed forward causing chronic lower back pain.

Want to Know More?
Are you going to continue to carry that unhealthy beer belly fat around, or do you want to be healthy and attractive now?

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